Even the rain cant stop us!


Some of the team members of the Stikland CID

Come rain or come shine the Stikland CID team will keep working to create a vibrant, clean and safe Stikland CID.  Our urban maintenance team got their rain gear on and braved the elements to continue the clean-up operations that we started on 1 August 2013.

In the adjacent photo maintenance team members Colin, Adam, Rodney and William from Geocentric show that they are ready fro the day along with Area Public Safety Manager, Roy Horn from Zonewatch.

New Business Partnership for Stikland CID

TuffyThe Stikland CID started on 1 August 2013 and we already formed new business partnerships with companies in the CID area.

Ralph van der Brock, the Stikland CID manager from Geocentric appointed to manage the area met with Mr           Douglas Greig from Tuffy Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd in Tedric Avenue.  Mr Greig indicated that he was awaiting the establishment of SICID with some anticipation.

Tuffy Manufacturing offered to donate bags for use in the CID and the rest is history.  The Stikland CID received a 1000 bag donation on 7th August 2013 with a promise of a 1000 bags monthly.

What a wonderful gesture and partnership to have from the beginning.

Businesses in need of their products can contact Tuffy Manufacturing on:

021 945 1017

e-mail: douglas@tuffymfg.co.za

Website: www.tuffy.co.za


The donated Tuffy Bags being used by our cleaning team to create a clean Stikland Industrial area


Introduction – Stikland Industrial City Improvement District

Dear Business Owner/Tenant/Customer

As the incoming Stikland City Improvement District (SICID) Management we would like to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

  • Geocentric is the company that has been appointed by the SICID Board to manage the SICID. The Geocentric Manager appointed to the SICID is Ralph van der Brock.
  • Geocentric has been involved in the establishment of CID’s for over 12 years, including the establishment of the City’s very first CID – The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) and our neighbouring Voortrekker Road City Improvement District (VRCID).
  • Zonewatch incorporating Pinewatch is the company appointed to provide the public safety services for the SICID.

The SICID Vision

The vision of the SICID is to establish and maintain a safe, clean and well-managed industrial area that attracts and retains industrial and retail business operators.

The SICID Mission

It is the mission of the SICID to create an accessible and inviting industrial area attractive and safe for workers, visitors and clients alike.

To help us achieve our goal of, a Safer – Cleaner – and a Business Friendly environment we humbly request that you implement the following good practices:

Only put out refuse wheelie bins on relevant bin day (Thursday)

–          Do Not overfill bins.

–          Do Not leave recyclables outside your premises for collection by vagrants.

For public safety emergencies contact the Zonewatch Control Room on 086 15 15 800

Please report suspicious persons to our Public Safety Manager – Roy (083 583 6099).

Please report all broken/missing infra-structure defects – eg. Missing drain covers, broken lights, faulty traffic signals etc. to CID Manager – Ralph (073 102 9946).

Please contact either Ralph/Roy if you would like any further information or if you would like us to visit your premises to furnish you with any additional information.

Additional information available on www.stiklandcid.co.za

We look forward to a Dynamic working Partnership between all Role Players in Our CID to achieve our Goal of “ a Safer – Cleaner and a Business Attractive – CID”