About Us


The Stikland Industrial City Improvement District (SICID) Steering Committee took the initiative to seek solutions to the problems in the Stikland Industrial area. Although the Stikland Industrial area is a fairly well established light industrial area it has become the target of property related crime and the lack of dedicated urban management have seen some of the public and municipal infrastructure falling into neglect and disrepair. To address these problems the steering committee identified the Special Rating Area (SRA) model as a basis to address these problems and counter any potential for further urban decay and the further increase of crime in the area. The proposed interventions will focus on dedicated urban management and security (especially at night) which may contribute to securing the area and driving incidents of property related crime down.

Vision, Mission and Goals of the Stikland Industrial City Improvement District

The vision of the SICID is to establish and maintain a safe, clean, well-managed industrial area that attracts and retains industrial and retail business operators.

It is the mission of the SICID to create an accessible and inviting industrial area attractive and safe for

workers, visitors and clients alike.

 The Stikland Industrial City Improvement District has the following goals:

  • Reducing crime significantly by proactive visible patrolling and cooperation with existing SAPS and
  • City of Cape Town Law Enforcement efforts in the area.
  • Creating a safe and clean public environment by addressing issues of maintenance and cleaning of
  • streets, pavements and public spaces.
  • Manage existing and new public infrastructure for the future benefit of all the users of the area.
  • Protect property values.
  • Attract investment to the area.
  • Support the promotion of the SICID Industrial area as a safe and clean environment by promoting
  • greening, energy efficiency, recycling and risk-and disaster management.
  • Support and promote social responsibility in the area
  • The sustained and effective management of the SICID area.

The establishment of the Stikland Industrial City Improvement District was approved by the City of Cape Town in accordance with the By-law for the establishment of Special Ratings Areas, promulgated in the Provincial Gazette 6651/2009. The SICID will officially come into being on 1 July 2013 and become operational on 1 August 2013.