Dear Stikland Industrial Business Community

It has come to our attention that in more than one instance businesses are suffering losses due to theft by their own employees.  Recently two businesses lost tools and equipment due to newly appointed staff.

Sadly, the staff were employed without any background checks, copies of IDs or proof of address which means that the business has no details to assist the SAPS in conducting their investigations and resolving the case or finding their property back.

We therefore urge businesses to please follow some basic good practices when hiring new staff, even if it is deemed casual or short term labour:

  • Make sure who you are hiring – insist in a proper ID and proof of residence
  • Make copies of these documents and keep securely
  • Insist on and check for previous working references – phone them and check
  • Do random checks on staff before they leave the premises
  • Secure unused equipment and tools to avoid items “walking out the door”

There are many other good HR practices and safeguards that can be researched and applied with minimal cost implications.  Please don’t be a victim and take the necessary precautions.

From the Stikland industrial City Improvement District Team