Stikland CID Thanked

Would you please be as kind to forward this mail to your management team.

Yesterday afternoon I received a telephone call from your contol centre stating that one of your security staff “Moni” had noticed water coming out of our front door.  On my arrival at our premises Moni was waiting outside for me and it was quickly ascertained that a water pipe had broken in our kitchen and had flooded out our offices.  Thanks to Moni’s alertness any further damage to our offices was averted.  He was also very helpful in assisting me find the stop valve and moving boxes off the floor that had been damaged by the water.

Many Thanks

Steven Torrington

Durbanville Commercial & Digital Printers

17 Kaymor Street, Stikland 7530

(T) 021 9464074

(F) 021 9464051